mister Donut / Koshien


Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo/2015.9


    • ミスタードーナツは言わずと知れた、ドーナツを商品の主軸とするメガチェーンブランド。「ミスド」と略称され多くの人々に親しまれている。そんな当ブランドが創業から45年経った今、改めて「創業元年」と位置付けて新しい取組みをスタートさせた。店舗の「在り方」もその流れで一新することとなり、この甲子園ショップはその1号店である。


      Famously, donuts are the major products of Mister Donut’s mega chain brand. The name Mister Donut is known familiarly as abbreviated “Misudo” among many people. Now after 45 years in business, this brand set out a new approach repositioning as “Sogyo-Gannen” meaning “The first year of business”. With this flow, Misudo has made a refreshing start with the store itself; and this is the first store to open here.
      The reason why I mentioned above is as follows. We have renewed not only the superficial designs but we have reconsidered drastically the kitchenware, cash register’s functions as well as food and beverages providing services. We wanted to incorporate the improvements of these layouts, spatial designs to logo marks.
      Some of the vast reorganization operations we went through are as follows.
      Firstly, we visualized the relationship between the kitchen and the showcase. We directly expressed the donuts’ “abundant color variations” and “handmade, fresh from the oven” image. We therefore set up a showcase connecting to the kitchen so that donuts could be displayed directly from the kitchen. We also adopted a style that evokes bakery displays. Through this open kitchen, you can see the production process, which is enjoyable and pleasant. This bakery style will allow greater flexibility to express the fresh from the oven atmosphere.
      Secondly, we enforced seating variations. Originally, all seats were made equivalent. However we set big tables, pendant lights and display shelves. We also added characters to every area in order to create “selecting seats” through various scenes and customers’ mood.
      We assorted “ live materials” for finishing to make the materials look better and to appreciate them as time progresses. These material groups have remarkable attention in the world. Nevertheless we gave full consideration to its usage. In foreign countries, aging degradation is considered a positive effect. However in Japan, “Security, Safety and Cleanliness” are the original awareness. Thus, the way people in Japan feel toward aging differ from other countries. Utilizing this aging in a form of “aligning with contemporaneousness under the right conditions”, they would look even more modern-styled. Customers from any region could comfortably spend their relaxing time in this brand-new designed Mister Donut.

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